Guest Log

Maybe you think after reading my weblog: "I can do that better", or, "I like to tell my story". Well, this is your chance: do you have a nice story, or nice stories about your (big) Kawasaki, send it to me and I will place it on this site if it mets the requirements.
To avoid chaos I've got to make some rules about the to be published articles:
  • It has got to be about your Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 (ZX-11), ZZ-R 1200, or ZX-12R
  • No flaming, cursing, or other verbal abuse:
    This is a PG-rated site
  • I (and only I) will decide if and when an article will be placed on the site
  • The article must be written in English (preferably), Dutch or German
  • The text you send must be plain text without formatting or MS-Word 2000 (or earlier).
  • Size doesn't matter (in this case)
  • Pictures are very welcome to spice things up
  • I will have the right to crop, resize, compress pictures as I see fit before putting it on the site
  • Articles must be without copyright
  • I will not use the articles in other places than this site
  • All the credits of an article will go to the writer (ie you)
If all these rules didn't discourage you, send your story to:

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