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This is me, some years ago,
already with the fastest bike on the block.

I started with this site back in 1995 because I couldn't find one like this on the Internet. At those days I owned a ZZR 1100 and I was surfing the web to find all kinds of stuff about this bike, but there wasn't much to find. While seeing the nice sites of the competitors of the 1100, like Yamaha FZR1000 and Honda CBR1000, I decided to make such a site myself.
Here you'll find one of the first versions of this site. Not much content and a 'wild' design. In the years to follow the site grew and the design improved a bit.
The 'Repository', as I've named it, moved several times between servers. I hope it has found a permanent home now at 'www.zx11.info'.

This site is not sponsored in any way by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. So when you have questions that are about other Kawasaki products than the ZZ-R/ZX then I don't think I can help you. Try contacting Kawasaki.

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You are welcome to use any material you find on these pages (I can't stop you, can I?). But would you please have the courtesy to mention my pages when you do? Thanks.
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