Run of my '93 ZZ-R on the Dynojet testbench

dynojet print

Three run's were made:

  1. The red line
    A run through all the gears (starting in second). Measured is a maximum horsepower of 130 at the rear wheel. This was reached in third gear. Allowing 12-14% hp loss in the transmission (the correct amount is a point of discussion), this means a max horsepower of about 145-148 at the crankshaft.
    When changing gears there is a noticable dip in the hp output. This seems to be typical for all Kawasaki's. It could be a result of a lean carburetor setting or the ram air system (see e.g. the ram air test page). When corrected (with e.g. a Dynojet kit) the driver will experience a more willing machine when accellerating rapidly.
    In gear #6 the machine reached a topspeed of about 275 kmh. What we have to keep in mind is that the ZZ-R couldn't take advantage of it's Ram Air Intake system. Kawasaki claims -at least- an additional 5 hp at topspeed with it.
  2. The green line
    A run in fourth gear, from low to max rpm. Here we can see the nice build up of power without a dip that's worth mentioning.
  3. The blue line
    A second gear run. First the tester went to about 100 kmh (the low blue line). Then he closed the throttle and immediately opened it again full. Here we see again the sharp drop in power when opening the throttle.

A conclusion that can be drawn from this mistreatment of my bike is that, all in all, it's quite a decent output of power. It can be slightly better, but the question is, will the removal of dips be noticable?

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