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Over the years there has been a lot been written about the ZZ-R 1100 / ZX-11. This is not strange, since it's a very spectacular bike. Here you'll find some of the articles, in Dutch, German and English.
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Superbike April 1993

* Kawasaki ZX-11 Ninja (introduction of the C1)
* Fine-tuning a 1992 ZX1100 C3
* Fine-tuning a 1992 ZX1100 C3, Part II(Ross's site)
* Fast by Frank1998
* Verfijnde Allrounder: test van ZZ-R1993 (dutch)
* Test of ZZ-R 11001993
* ZX-11 For The Long Haul1993
* Vergleichstest ZZ-R gegen ZX-9R1994 (german)
* Mr. Turbo ZX-11 Turbo1995
* Speed King, impression ZX-111995
* Superbike Report: Kawasaki ZZ-R 11001995
* ThunderAce v GSX-R 1100 v ZZ-R 11001996
* Total Mind F**K: CBR1100XX vs ZZ-R 11001996
* Ace v Exup v RF900 v GSXR11 v ZX-9R v ZZR111996
* Six Big Bore Sport Bikes Go Head-To-Head1996 (Motorcycle Online)
* Vergleichstest CBRXX gegen ZZ-R 11001996 (german)
* Gebrauchtkauf Kawasaki ZZ-R 11001996 (german)
* Open Sportbike Shootout1997 (Motorcycle Online)
* When too much is never enough: CBR1100XX vs ZX-111997
* The High Performance Home Page (description of Greg Mace's Turbo ZX)
* Battle for Supremacy: CBRXX vs ZX-111997
* Full speed ahead: CBRXX vs ZX-111997
* K1200RS vs CBR1100XX vs ZZR1100 vs YZF1000R1997 (german)
* Long term test Kawasaki ZZ-R 11001998
* Comparison ZZ-R - GPz(dutch)
* Comparison Daytona 1200Se, CBRXX and ZZ-R1998
* Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100: Gruen Geht Gigantisch1998 (german)
* ZZ-R Review1999 (french)
* Motorcycle Consumer News ZX-11 buyers guide: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4May 1999
* Ram Air, test of ram air system of 1995 ZX-9R1995
* ZX-11 Compared with F-18 Hornet
* ZX-11 vs. Vincent Black Shadow
* $1000 Sportbike Surgery1996
* Explanation of Dynojet Run of my previous ZZ-R1996
* Another ZZR diary
* Aerodynamics, Horsepower, and Speed1998
* Poetry
* Removing the balancer1999
* Fixing a compact topcase mount
* Creating a chain guard
* Installing a flo-commander

Other articles not on this site
* Bike, October 1995: ZZ-R 1100 v CBR 1000 v FJ 1200 v Trophy 1200
* Motorcycle International, December 1995: Comparison ZZ-R 1100 with Honda CB 500
* Moto73, #11 1996: Granger-Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 Turbo
* ProMotor, 5 juli 1996: Test ZZ-R 1100 na 50.000 km
* Weekblad Motor, #30/31 1996: Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 vs Kawasaki 1100 ZXi
* PS Das Sport-Motorrad Magazine, Oktober 1996: CBR1100XX v Daytona 1200 v SB6 v GSXR1100 v YZF1000R v ZZ-R 1100
* Moto 73, 6 November 1996: CBR1100XX vs Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 vs Suzuki GSX-R 1100
* Kicxstart, November 1996: CBR1100XX vs Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100
* Weekblad Motor, #33/31 1997: ZZR1100 vs YZF1000R vs CBR1100XX
* ProMotor, #1 1998: Article about how to repair a crashed ZZR

Performance Bikes Articles about the ZZ-R 1100 in Performance Bikes

Article Type Issue
Kawa ZZR1100 and 600 in France Launchtest Aug 90
Kawa ZZR1100 vs airplane Roadtest Jul 90
Sports 1000's group test; FZR, CBR, ZZR and GSXR Roadtest May 91
Sport tourer group test; GSX, FJ, ZZR, K100 Roadtest Dec 91
Sports 1000 group test; YB10, Fireblade, EXUP, GSXR, ZZR Roadtest Jun 92
Derestricting GSXR1100, FZR1000 and ZZR1100 Technical Nov 92
Kawasaki ZZR1100 in America Launchtest Jan 93
Long term roadtests on FZR1000RU, ZZR1100 and Zephyr 1100 Report Mar 93
1000's group test: CBR, FZR, GSXR, ZZR1100 and Daytona 900 and TT Roadtest Aug 93
Kawa ZZR1100D1 Roadtest Apr 93
Hamish Jamieson's 200mph ZZR1100 Report Nov 94
CBR1100XX vs ZZR1100 Roadtest Nov 96
1000's group test; YZF1000, ZZR1100 and GSXR1100 Roadtest Jun 96

Some quotes regarding the ZZ-R / ZX

cover 93
"If you've had the demented pleasure of twisting the ZX-11's throttle, you've experienced the hardest accelerating production vehicle sold in America."
Sport Rider, October 1995

"I feel like Chewbacca when I ride the ZX-11, or Han. One fullbore yank on the Eleven's throttle and it's as if I'm in the Millenium Falcon's cockpit, slamming the hyperspace lever home and the Empire's goons weren't able to disarm the hyperdrive."
Mitch Boehm, Motorcyclist, October 1995

"It's shatteringly vivid power is simply astonishing. But it's just as astonishing that Kawasaki has refined it to the point where that power is harnessed so well and so effectively. You never fail to walk away without wearing a broad, beaming, utterly impressed and addicted smile. Practical it is. Bonkers it is too. A bike apart.
Love it."

Bike, October 1995

"So if your prime directive involves getting from point A to B quicker than any production vehicle without retractable landing gear, look no further. "
Motorcyclist, May 1993

"The ZZR-1100 remains the big, fast, versatile bike for the rider with a regular pillion passenger or the desire to humiliate just about every other road user who attempted to match its straight line acceleration. "

" This reminds me of a guy I know who, when his girlfriend referred to his ZZ-R 1100 as "just a dick thing", corrected her by pointing out that it was, in fact, "a big, black, fast dick thing" "
Letter to the editor published in AMCN (Feb 21)
Posted by Mike Winslade

" Die Bissige: Die ZZ-R 1100 ist die Verkoerperung von schierer Gewalt. Kein Motor reisst so brutal vorwaerts."
PS, June 1997