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December 3, 2002
I went to my dealer today to talk about my little mishap. We decided to wait until at least februari. If I have a job by then I could buy the new bike without a problem. If not then we must have another talk...
To my great suprise he told me that the bike already had arrived! So it sits there waiting for me...

March, 2003
In this month I can pick up the bike. Winter must be over by then.

Alas, this won't happen. Read on:

February 11, 2003, 31,111 km
The A1 story continues!
Due to me being fired and the financial uncertainty this brings my dealer and I decided that it would be better if I took the A1 back. So next saturday I will pick it up again.
If I find a good paying job I always can trade it in. Otherwise I will be riding my trusted A1 a bit longer.
Maybe I can trade it in next year for the ZX-10R?!

February 15, 2003, 31,116 km
The beast is back in its stable! I picked it up on this freezing cold day. I had to pay € 102.05 for a new battery because the old one had died.
Because the dealer wanted to sell my 12 they had polished it very well. It has never been so clean! And because they felt sorry for me I didn't have to pay anything for this service.

February 25, 2003, 31,116 km
I've put the bike up for sale! Because the company I worked for went bankrupt I have to give back my lease car. So I've got to buy another car which is more important than owning a (the!) motorcycle.

March 10, 2003, 31,116 km
Sold the bike today for €8500.-. Not as much as I hoped for, but I really need the money now.
So this is the end for now. I hope to be back asap. Maybe with the ZX-10R???

April 1, 2003
I've got a new job! As computer programmer at a bank: Effectenbank Binck right in the center of Amsterdam.
Getting there is a bit of a problem though. I can't go with the car because there's absolutely no parking space overthere. So for the time being I'm using public transport. This costs me 3 hours of travelling every day. With a motorbike this must go a lot faster. Hmmmmmm.....

April 12, 2003
Visited my dealer today. Just to have a look at the bikes he had, not really wanting to buy one yet because I'm still in a trial period at work. But I'm rather weak and in no time my dealer convinced me that there's no use in waiting to buy one. So I bought one.
I already had been thinking about the bike I wanted to buy. It had to be a Kawasaki, but then? I love the ZX-12R, but I find it a waste to ride it every day through busy traffic and rain to my work. Besides that it is a bit too expensive right now. So maybe later.
ZZ-R 1200? No, don't really like the looks...
Z 1000? No, too much a fun bike/toy to commute with it. And it is sold out in the Netherlands. Congrats Kawi!
ZX-6, ZX-9? Too sporty.
ZR-7? Too boring.
ZRX 1200? Hmmmm. A sturdy bike. Good looks. Not too expensive. Nice color. I'll have one!
So, this is the one it is gonna be:

My dealer will put a small windscreen on it so I have a little bit protection.
Can't wait to ride it!

April 15, 2003
Bummer. My dealer called today. The ZRX1200 I want isn't on stock in the Netherlands. So it has to be shipped in from Germany.
I hope they can get it here before the weekend (and do all the paperwork). Although I doubt it. And that at a time that we're experiencing temperatures above 20c.

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